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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

Toulouse Réseau Imagerie Platform (TRI)

Most of TRI Imaging activity is essentially devoted to animal and plant biology, human health, agrofood sciences and environment sciences. TRI Imaging brings together scientific and technical expertise and state of the art equipment for a large variety of imaging methodologies.

Plateforme IMAGERIE TRI - INRA Toulouse. © Inra - Q.Gascuel, Y.Martinez, M.Pichon, L.GodiardInra
Updated on 01/21/2014
Published on 11/14/2013

The missions of Toulouse Réseau Imagerie (TRI) Platform are threefold:

- provide to researchers expertise and cutting edge technology in the field of cell imaging
- constitute a framework for reflexion and exchanges in this currently very rapidly evolving field
- contribute to the formation of researchers in all methods related to microscopy.

Three main developments are strategic :

1 - High content screening microscopy : real-time imaging platform and virtual microscopy.
2 - High Resolution : Spinning disk confocal microscopy coupled with TIRF.
3 - Integrative biology : Confocal microscopy coupled with high sensitive GaAsP detectors and bioluminescence imaging system.

Activity :

- Biological sciences (health, biotechnology)
- Agriculture, Agronomy
- Chemistry
- Engineering Sciences and Systems
- Ecology & Environment

Access procedures :

- TRI is an open structure for all partners in research and development, in public as well as private domains, without geographical, thematic or institutional restriction.
- All contacts are indicated on the platform's web site.

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Toulouse Réseau Imagerie Platform

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