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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

RECORD : A platform to build, evaluate and simulate integrated models of farming and agro-ecosystems

Due to significant changes in agro-ecological contexts, farmers need new solutions to produce goods. Modelling complements field experiments in the design of new farming systems.

Plateforme technologique  RECORD  du centre INRA Toulouse. © Inra
Updated on 12/20/2013
Published on 11/14/2013

French researchers involved in such design issues developed a specific modelling platform to help model, simulate and evaluate cropping systems. The platform has been available since 2010. It is expected to strengthen its capacity in terms of computation and services. Moreover, the scope has been extended to livestock.

Activity :

- Agriculture, Agronomy
- Computer science

Access procedures :

- open to scientific laboratories and to their partners
- user support