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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

Integrated Screening Platform of Toulouse (PICT)

The integrated screening platform of Toulouse (created in 2008) aims at allowing the identification and the rational design of inhibitors of therapeutic targets, or effectors of any target, and the characterization of their interactions.

The integrated screening platform of Toulouse. © Inra
Updated on 12/13/2013
Published on 11/14/2013

In this regard PICT relies on various complementary skills in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, computational science and chemical synthesis. Soon PICT should be able to offer access to its own chemical library to the users of the platform. Recently PICT has fused with ICEO, a high-throughput screening facility dedicated to the optimization and discovery of original enzymes.

Activity :

- Agriculture, Agronomy
- Chemistry
- Ecology & Environment
- Biological sciences (health, biotechnology)

Access procedures

- Open to public laboratories and to private companies
- Requests for services should be done by email at pict@ipbs.fr