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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

Information system for animal genomics

The SIGENAE platform assists biologists in the storage and analysis of data from biology techniques such as high throughput sequencing, genotyping and DNA chips.

SIGENAE Platform. © Inra
Updated on 12/20/2013
Published on 11/14/2013

SIGENAE is a group of INRA bio-informaticians providing services to biologists working on 6 species (cattle, chicken, pig, rabbit, sheep, trout). The members of the group are located in three sites (Rennes, Toulouse, Tours). SIGENAE is also the name given to the Information System this team is developing and maintaining. This platform trains users to bioinformatics tools and provide support in projects using these data. It also intervenes in projects European as Eadgene and Stessgene.

The Sigenae team organizes trainings on all the given software.

Activity :

- Computer Science and interactions
- Agriculture, Agronomy

Access procedures :

- platform only open for research laboratories
- scientific collaboration with INRA laboratories working in the field of animal physiology, animal genetics and animal health.
- collaboration with the scientific laboratory outside inra working in these areas