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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

Genome and transcriptome Platform

The Genome and Transcriptome platform of GenoToul presents one of the most complete coordinated offers in France in the field of genomics and transcriptomics

. © INRA
Updated on 05/15/2018
Published on 11/14/2013

Technological developments in the field of genomics, particularly in terms of next-generation sequencing, in recent years have seen considerable changes : different microarray technologies, high throughput quantitative PCR microfluidics, genotyping technologies adapted to different scales, conventional and Next-generation sequencing.

Activities :

- Agriculture, Agronomy
- Ecology and Environment
- Biological sciences and medical biotechnology outside agri-agro
- Engineering Sciences and Systems

Access procedures : 

- GeT-Platform is an ‘open structure’,for the entire scientific community public and private.
- Contact by phone or mail to get@genotoul.fr