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Plateformes technologiques de l'INRA Centre de Toulouse. © INRA

Technological platforms

Biostatistical platform

The Biostatistical platform mutualizes the skills of the researchers in Mathematics and Biology for the study of the data generated by the broadband quantitative Biology. She brings an expertise and a supportfor the use and the development of statistical methodologies and appropriate software.

Updated on 12/13/2013
Published on 11/14/2013

The main objective of the biostatistics platform for the next year is to strenghten the scientific animation (through seminars and / or workshops) to anticipate the needs for analysis of data from new sequencing technologies.

Activity :

- Mathematics and interactions
- Computer science and interactions
- Agriculture, Agronomy
- Biomedical sciences and biotechnologies (expect agri-agro)

Access procedures :

- open to public and private laboratories
- first contact via e-mail
- support via co-supervision of students (intership, PhD)
- partner in a research project
- costs depending on the delivery