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French Pyrenees (Pic du Midi de Bigorre)

06 - 12 Jul 2019

Summer school TULIP

TULIP 8th International Summer School: Biological interactions from genes to ecosystems

The TULIP 8th International Summer School “Biological interactions from genes to ecosystems” will take place from July 6 to 12, 2019. This Summer School in Integrative Ecology and Biology takes place in the French Pyrenees and will be a unique unique occasion to meet international speakers gathered in the Occitanie region.

Updated on 03/25/2019
Published on 03/22/2019

Our main target audience includes Master and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral researchers. Through plenary lectures and very intensive team workshops, the program covers all aspects of interactions among organisms ranging from the molecular biology point of view up to the eco-evolutionnary scale of interactions within populations and communities.

Selected students will have the opportunity to:

  • Take an active part in team research project in these scientific fields,
  • Meet the experts of Toulouse and renowned international researchers from all around the world,
  • Enjoy a pleasant setting in the Pyrenees

This year, the international speakers will be:

Full accommodation is provided to all students during the Summer School, as well as travel from Toulouse to the Domaine de Ramonjuan. Students only have to cover their travel expenses to Toulouse. The summer school is limited to 25 students selected by our Pedagogical Committee.

Applications are open until March 27th (Successful applicants will be informed before April 10th)

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Visit TULIP LabEx website : https://www.labex-tulip.fr/labex-tulip_eng/