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The welcome desk

Updated on 02/12/2017
Published on 09/12/2013

The Toulouse Center welcome desk is in charge of helping out foreign scientists upon their arrival

The Toulouse INRA Center is one of the most significant INRA Center in terms of workforce with a total of 850 researchers, engineers and technicians (of which over 600 INRA's). We are the 3rd Public institution in the Midi-Pyrénées area. The Research Center is a hub of pluridisciplinary scientific activity with a dense and diversified academic partnership.

The Center boasts a wide variety of scientific themes: plant and microbial biology, plant-environment interactions, industrial biotechnologies, animal genetics, biology and sustainable farming systems, agroecology and forest lands, nutrition, prevention and toxicolocy, environmental and market economics. 

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Around 122 foreign scientists are welcomed each year, for short term periods (1 month) to 3 years for PhD's.

The welcome desk for foreign scientists provides help on private matters.

Help for rentals, accompaniment to the Immigration services or Préfecture, bank, legal aspects: insurance for housing, civil liability, health insurance,  once the Human Resource dept and the welcoming laboratory have dealth with the "convention d'accueil" and a visa has been delivered.

All links :

Information for incoming foreign scientists : http://jobs.inra.fr/en/Life-at-INRA/Foreign-Researchers

Contacts - Welcome Desk Toulouse :

Anne Héry-Condon :
+33(0)5 61 28 50 78

Scientific contact :

Rafael Garcia-Villar - Officer in charge of European and International Affairs

Other contacts :

The Toulouse Center Communications Division

Nathalie Dumez - Head, Human Resource Dept

Béatrice Arbey - Management, Human Resource Dept

Jenny-Laure GUITTARD  Social assistant

Learning french for a good integration :

Check the following site for french tuitions OR Visit the Toulouse University Language Division