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Scientific research axis. © Inra

Research Axis

Updated on 12/13/2013
Published on 03/28/2013

Thanks to a wide diversity of skills, sciences of the alive in the sciences of the digital technology and in the economic and social sciences, the teams of the center INRA Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées privilege researches to face the big challenges of the 21th century.

Seven priorities have been defined for a cross-disciplinary scientific strategy in the future :

  1. Integrative Biology of Plant-Environmental Interactions
  2. Animal genetic and integrative biology : infectious animal diseases and public health
  3. Nutrition and prevention: toxicology, biomarkers
  4. White Biotechnologies
  5. Methods and platforms for applied animal, plant, microbial biology
  6. Agro-ecology in agricultural and forest territories
  7. Environmental and market economics