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Le Centre Inra. © Inra

Inra Occitanie-Toulouse Research Center

Updated on 01/09/2019
Published on 02/05/2013

The Midi-Pyrenées is the top French region for its high concentration of research and development (60% being private research). This R&D is organized in three main sectors “aeronautics, space and on-board systems” (world leader in this field), the emergent cluster dedicated to cancer and bio-health, and the deep-rooted field of bio-engineering and agro-chains. Agriculture, agro-food processing and timber production represent the main areas of employment in Midi-Pyrenees region.

The Toulouse Midi- Pyrénées centre is a dynamic scientific site sharing diversified academic partnerships involving nine organisations (more than 400 non-INRA permanent staff in 12 out of 15 joint research units). In addition to targeted collaboration with the CNRS and emergent collaboration with INSERM, INRA has links with seven other establishments including universities (UT1 Capitole, and more recently UT3 Paul Sabatier), engineering schools (INP-ENSAT, INP-EIP, INP-ENSIACET, INSA) and the veterinary school (INP-ENVT).

In the Midi-Pyrenees public sector, INRA is currently the second largest scientific and technological establishment (EPST) after the CNRS. In the last decade within INRA, the Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees centre has considerably grown in size (16% between 2002 and 2011), with 600 permanent staff in 2011 (and 150 temporary staff). The number of scientific publications has continued to increase, rising by 30% over the last ten years, and making up about 10% of the production of INRA and 7% of that of the region.

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Agreenskills certification

is a postdoctoral research mobility programme co-funded by the European Commission, in the frame of the COFUND – FP7 People Programme, and coordinated by INRA in cooperation with Agreenium.

In its capacity as an AgreenSkills’ host institution, the INRA Campus is recognised for:

- Assisting AgreenSkills Fellows in their integration into campus life
- Providing AgreenSkills Fellows with access to quality technical, material, and personnel resources
- Providing AgreenSkills Fellows with scientific coaching and mentoring, through the appointment of a Scientific Mentor
- Facilitating the AgreenSkills Fellow’s integration within the receiving laboratory and ensuring their equal treatment with permanent staff
- Offering AgreenSkills Fellows beneficial networking opportunities within the Scientific community
- Supporting the professional development of AgreenSkills Fellows with the appointment of a Human Resources Mentor and the implementation of a personalised career development plan
- Complying with ethical principles in research, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technology Pathways for inventive researchers

This Campus, and its affiliated research units, are recognized by the AgreenSkills mobility programme for the quality of the support they offer postdoctoral research fellows that have been awarded an AgreenSkills Fellowship.

> More information on the Agreenskills website.