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TPMP : a unique platform to understand plant-microbe-environment interactions

Unique in France for its configuration, TPMP (Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping platform) aims to understand the interactions between plants and their biotic environment and predict the adaptation of plants to global changes. This platform, operated by the Joint Research Unit LIPM, is able to respond to strong demand for high-throughput phenotyping (observation of all the traits of an organism).

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Updated on 07/24/2018
Published on 05/28/2018

Operating under controlled conditions, this platform is dedicated to the automated, high-throughput phenotyping of plants in interaction with their biotic environment. This is possible thanks to two phenotyping robots that can generate data on a large number of different model and agronomic plants. Another robot (omnilog) is dedicated to the phenotyping of the micro-organisms associated with the plants.

The platform can :

  • Simulate environmental conditions (light, temperature, humidity) at different scales in order to mimic the environmental changes anticipated in the decades to come;
  • Measure the impact of changing environmental conditions on plant and microbial performance, and their interactions, and thus enable a detailed, high-throughput and quantitative evaluation of different phenotype components;
  • Acquire phenotyping data, resulting from the image acquisition on the robotic facilities;
  • Manage and analyse these data to generate new knowledge in the field of plant sciences and more specifically on plant-microbe-environment interactions.

Sectors of activity targeted by the platform :

  • Phenotyping
  • Fundamental research
  • Agronomy

Mode of access :

The TPMP platform forms part of the global services offered by www.genotoul.fr.
It is open to both public and private sector laboratories. Quotes can be supplied on request.

Other contact(s):
Nemo Peeters / Director, TPMP
Associated Division(s):
Plant Health and Environment, Plant Biology and Breeding

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